Lost Lamb (It’s Not What You Think!) & My Curried Meatball Recipe

Long before we had sheep,

I had visited a farm some 3 hours from our home. The farmer convinced me to buy a pound of ground lamb from her. When I got home, I stuck the package of lamb in my freezer and forgot about it.  I didn't know what to do with it so it sat there in my freezer, waiting.

Now as a child, I can remember my mother making lamb….

once.  I must have been about 12. I was horrified!

I told my mother I would never eat that cute little lamb!

2 Week Old Lamb with her mother, Marigold

2 Week Old Lamb with her mother, Marigold

And I never even tasted what she made.  This was my first experience with lamb. Little did I know, lambs mature very quickly and begin breeding as early as 4 months of age (we harvest lambs at 5-7 months).

Back to that lost ground lamb in my freezer….

Two years later, I was digging through my fridge freezer and there was that pound of lamb. So I pulled it out and made some spicy lamb meatballs, a recipe from a cookbook I had purchased recently. Oh my! Were they good! And that was it! I was HOOKED ON LAMB!  

Next thing I knew,

I found myself driving 40 minutes to Maryville to buy lamb at Kroger’s. But alas, I found out that most grocery store lamb is finished in a feedlot!

Then my search was on for Grass Fed Lamb.

I was able to acquire a whole lamb from the Nashville area. It was great, just too far away. So in 2006, I purchased my first sheep and began growing my own sheep herd.

Today, grass fed lamb is regular part of my meal planning.

I love our Grass Fed Lamb because it is tender and quick to cook. Even my kids can cook lamb and it is always delicious. If I need something quick for supper, I can thaw some lamb and have supper on the table in less than an hour.

My teenage son’s favorite lamb recipe is Curried Lamb Meatballs. Tim is my pickiest eater. And this is so simple, he makes it himself! The meatballs in this recipe can be made ahead and frozen for quick meals.  (Find my Curried Lamb Meatball recipe below this post.)

We like these Curried Lamb Meatballs over couscous or rice.  But if you are low carb or Paleo, they taste great alone or over sauted veggies of any kind. It is curry after all!

Let me know about your experience with lamb.  Comment below this post.  I would love to hear your story.